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Establishing a new standard for token sale contracts, inspired by solid financial and technological practices.

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How it works

Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template

Review the sale terms

Once you found your favorite JUST compliant token sale, all you have to do is fire up the JUST client and let it read through the contract code. If everything is in check there's nothing you can possibly worry about.

Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template

Work with the developers

Development teams should be no strangers to the investors, but with JUST the only important parameter of judgement is the accomplished work; no matter of identities.

Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template

Let JUST handle the math

Thanks to the JUST on-chain broker, token exchanges are invulnerable to manipulation techniques. Pricing functions inspired to traditional stabilization methods are automatically invoked when necessary.

Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template

Get returns from value

Stabilization mechanisms and development feedbacks make sure the token price reflects the value of the product it represents.

Why it works

User friendly

JUST is built with usability in mind, to make blockchain based crowdfunding accessible to everyone.

Real value

Reckless speculation is the fiercest foe of free markets. It's now time for value investing to make a comeback.

Investor safety

Never worry of getting scammed again. You have control of your private keys, you have control over your money.

100% trustless

Trust no one but your investor senses and cryptography, exactly how every decentralized application should work.

Public & immutable

Each trade and every decision is final. All of what can happen to your money is set in the stone of the Ethereum blockchain.


Make your voice be heard, and reward your technical expertise with state of the art machine learning algorithms.

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Any questions?

JUST is both a smart contract template engine and a decentralized exchange, specifically tuned for ICOs. Be sure to check out our Medium profile for insights and updates on the development.
You can check out the development progression from the GitHub repository on the contacts bar.
Please reach us out on Telegram, to join the vibrant community, or Slack, for technical discussions with the developers.
We're not having one.
Hey, thanks! :)